Summer Snapshots

Summer is in full swing at the J-House Garden, and lots of exciting changes are being made. Here are some progress pictures from the last few months. As usual we’d love to hear from you, email us at or stop by the Johnson House Student garden at 216 S. Professor Street. Oberlin, OH.



Progress Pic: May


Progress Picture Circa June 5th: 1st row: Beets 2nd + 3rd: String Beans 4th+ Tomatoes & Basil, 5th: Strawberries & Sugar Snap Peas, 6th: Kale.


Strawberry Harvest! Enjoyed by friends and bunnies alike!


An unfortunate visitor has caused us to do some necessary fence repairs.

IMG_7144 (1)

After an unfortunate encounter with a deer, our string beans are slowly growing back. Harvest expected in early July

Future plans


Next steps include: Building raised beds for the Hoop House to grow leafy greens. Stay tuned for more 🙂



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