Fall 2015 Updates

Happy fall from the Johnson House Garden! Alas, the cold days have hit Oberlin, and most of the plants are putting on their warm sweaters and calling it quits for the winter. Looking at the garden now, it might be hard to believe what a vibrant, exciting place it’s been the last few months so we thought we’d fill ya’ll in.

  1. Orientation BBQ event: This happened. It wasn’t a BBQ, but it was a ton of fun! Freshmen swarmed to the garden in hoards, devouring our delicious farm fresh feast of salad, pasta, and fresh tomatoes. IMG_4054
  2. Grass/ weed removal: not too glamorous but super exciting! Day of Service volunteers helped us dig up rouge grass around the beds and mulch over it. This process will help keep weeds down considerably in the future. IMG_4123
  3. New chairs for the stage!! Did you know J House Garden had a stage? If you’re interested in playing an acoustic set surrounded by scarecrows and flowers feel free to hit us up at recycle@oberlin.edu. We have a music stand, some chairs, and can pay you in fresh veggies and love
  4. Harvests! We grew lettuce, radishes, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, blackberries, strawberries, and lemon balm! Sometimes we ate it, sometimes we sold it Stevie, sometimes we donated it to OCS. IMG_4119 IMG_2529
  5. Baby Mice live in our strawberry plants. They were very small and hairless, and seemed to be using the plants as umbrellas. They are gone now. They grow up so fast….
  6. We planted baby strawberries for next June. They are so small, and nice and tucked in under some straw. IMG_4243
  7. Expansion: While the J-House garden will always be home base, the RCT has expanded their gardening efforts to the Harkness porch and the creation of an on campus green house.

Stay tuned for more garden news, and as always contact us at recycle@oberlin.edu for any gardening questions, concerns, or ideas

❤ The RCT


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