Updates from July…and pie!

Hello, friends of the garden–

It has been a busy, busy time over here behind Johnson House recently! We are starting to see signs of tomato and raspberry fruits, which is very exciting!


In our neglect to turn our compost, some squash seedlings had started to grow in the wormy paradise, and so we transplanted them into our garden beds and they have begun flowering. This week we also tackled the beds in the back of the garden that were totally overrun with vegetation (lots of thistles!). They will be ready to grow new seedlings by Saturday, when some high school volunteers from Foresight Prep summer program will be joining us. Here is a photo of one of the beds before and after:


The start of July has also brought about the maturation of the carrots (which we will harvest in the next week or two) and the end of the strawberry season. Here is a photo of one of the carrots we pulled to see how big they were getting…and a photo of our strawberry pie–courtesy of our bountiful strawberry harvest!


Thanks for reading, and tune in next week to hear how our volunteer day went or see what we are planting in the newly uncovered raised beds!

-Abby and Kyla, the summer garden crew


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