Summer 2015–We are back!

Seems the garden blog has been deserted for a while, but the Summer 2015 crew is back at it! Our most recent work has involved battling the thistle forest to clear new area for beds, caring for radish, tomato, and carrot seedlings, and planting planting planting!


Last week we brought 4 lbs of chives to Oberlin Community Services, and we’ve been harvesting heaps of strawberries. There is still much to be done, so feel free to stop by our open garden hours (open to community members and students of all ages!) on Wednesdays from 10:00 am-12:00 noon. If you can’t make this time but still want to help, please email with your request and we will work something out.

In more fun news, we will be hosting a Volunteer BBQ this Friday, open to all ages! Come help us weed, plant, and harvest for 5 minutes or the whole 2 hours, and stick around for some delicious BBQ (vegetarian, vegan, and meat options available). If you can, please bring a few dollars for food, but all are welcome!

Friday June 19th
4:00-6:00pm garden hours (drop-in)
6:00-8:00pm BBQ

Hope to see you there!

Abby and Kyla, the summer RCT crew


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