Hops Haus Completed!

Fueled by frozen lemonade and a love for hammering scavenged pieces of wood, a small group of Obies gathered to build shade. Hops Haus, a trellis system made from old pallets and other reused wood, was started late July of this year and has been completed since. It is currently home to a two-year old hops plant (Humulus lupulus) and over two dozen climbing black-eyed susan plants (Thunbergia alata).

The project took about a week and a half, starting with digging post holes (impressively accomplished with astonishing vigor by Anna Gerrits) and cementing poles in, scavenging wood & prying/sawing old pallets, fitting together and measuring planks, hammering everything into its right place, nailing together the trellis spiderweb, and finishing with the introduction of the new, skyward-bound residents to their home



The goal for Hops Haus was to create a shady spot within the otherwise blazing garden. Standing about 8 feet tall, one is fully able to walk underneath and enjoy the comfort Hops Haus holds within. As the little hops plant grows, it will spread to cover the sides of the structure, creating a womb of leafy enclosure. The hops plant will also send out rhizomes where it cannot stretch its vines, further thickening the surrounding green embrace. The nearby apple tree will also grow and arch the western entrance of Hops Haus.


Hops Haus will only improve with time, tempting curious zymurgists of future generations to ferment the fruits of its vine! Stop by the garden to check it out.


Photo Credits: Anna Gerrits, Nathan Klein

Elon Glickman, Anna Gerrits (resident expert digger), and Caroline de Vries are pictured in the photos.


Anna and Elon and the little baby hops.


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