making the beds

Brandt, Marg and Eli shoveling last year's compost to spread into the raised beds. It's already pretty well broken down, and we figured with all the warm rain we usually get in the spring it would continue to decompose before we actually seed the beds.

Above, Kristina and two compost captains turn the pile with leaves in the new enclosure. (Cuy climbed up on top of the shed to get a good shot).

(left to right: Ari, Jessica, Eli, Margaret)

Above, what the beds look like topped off with a layer of compost. We decided, since there wasn’t enough wood to build beds in the northern section of the garden (off to the right of this picture), we’d save space in these beds for things like tomatoes, greens, and root veggies, and use the unstructured, mounded rows for melons, squash, beans and corn, which all grow well together and take up a pretty significant amount of space.





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