new bed frames!

Finally, we were able to put the rescued wood from the Lorain St. house to good use! Though it didn’t quite fit to use warped, multi-sized wood for the cold frames, which need to be relatively well insulated to function properly, our new initiative employs these boards perfectly. When we re-oriented the beds last fall, we decided we’d build structured bed frames to further assist soil drainage. The long beams we found in the wood pile fit the bill exactly for our 20-30′ garden beds.

We scoured the Hall dumpster for old play sets, and lay the boards we found there with the beams from the Lorain house along the beds in the garden, and found we’d recovered material for over half the beds in the garden.

Brandt built the first bed with a hammer and nails and some scrap pieces to make ends meet. In building the next few beds, the wood proved too hard for the hammer, and we decided we’d probably switch to a drill for the next six to expedite the process a bit.


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