Eddie with the big pile of salvaged wood


So, the most important component of the cold frames are the “lights” that sit on top. To construct these, I met up with a local sheep farmer named Eddie Miller, who knew some people who were renovating their house. They had a huge pile of salvaged boards and beams outside their house, and one day we delved into the pile looking for some material to build the lights. The problem was, we were looking for 2″x2″‘s in a giant pile of beams from the old skeleton of the house. Though much of it was stuck with rusty nails, the wood was in overall pretty good condition, just most of the wood was much too big for our purposes. (Though they will most likely be snapped up for another project in the future. Talk about community sustainability!!)

I ended up making another trip to home depot for some 2″x2″ stock, which we would bring to the facilities wood shop to be cut with long narrow grooves. Each cold frame box would be fixed with four wooden frames and sheets of Lexan polycarbonate, which  provide light and insulation the plants through the winter.

My hatchback workbench

It was tricky to assemble these frames, and it required a couple trips to Watson’s to get the right bits and screws to attach the parts without breaking them. Now we’re just waiting for the plastic to arrive.


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