6/4 Seedlings Planted, Mulching

All the seedlings are in the ground. With the 800 square feet of gardening space that we have, we were able to use almost all of the planting space, spreading out our plants with a generous amount of root space. I mulched over half of the beds today with leaf mulch, the other half should be done shortly. Pictures can be expected soon afterward.

Apart from the growing space, we made further progress on the deer fence that encloses the site with the completion of the gate. The fence is composed of T stakes with deer netting. At the south corner of the fence, we built a swinging gate. The gate is made of a 5/8″ sheet of 4 ply plywood with a 2X4 frame and a latch. It is fastened on to a 4X4 post with 2 hinges and the latch closes on another post opposite the first. All the lumber and hardware was purchased from Carter Lumber in Oberlin, Ohio ( http://www.carterlumber.com/ ).

Next order of business: storage shed.


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