6/1 Seedlings arrive!

The seedlings have arrived! This is the end of months of long hard work and just the beginning of the legacy of the garden. Cultivation has finally become a reality thanks to the hard work of all those involved; Green Edge Fund for making the start up costs accessible, Facilities, ResEd, Grounds, CDS, Bon Apetit, and The Office of Environmental Sustainability, for all the coordination, support, advising and approval, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services for legal and monetary issues, and last but surely not least: the Johnson House Garden Group -a crew of 5 strong that has yet to see a prouder day.

Thanks to Canterbury Creek Gardens for the seedlings. Located in Westlake, Ohio, about 20 miles outside of Oberlin, Canterbury Creek does a wide variety of organic veggies and they start their own seeds. The many varieties of heirloom tomatoes were particularly appealing. Canterbury Creek’s website can be found here – ( http://canterburycreekgardens.com/About-us.php )

With the addition of these seedlings, the garden now includes about 13 different varieties of tomatoes, 2 types of peppers (gypsy and sweet red), 2 types of onions and traditional genovese basil.

The various heirloom tomatoes, all of which can be found on the Canterbury Creek website:

Ananas Noir

Better Boy

Big Beef




Goliath Hybrid

Great White

Green Zebra

Japanese Black Trifele


Paul Robeson


Many thanks to everyone who has made this day possible.


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